Umlaut Deployment with Thin and Apache

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Instead of using mongrel, NYU is using thin. The thin configuration is almost identical to mongrel. The two files used to implement are detailed below. config/umlaut_config/deploy/thin_cluster.yml

# Unix account to run your processes as:
user: umlaut  

#Unix group to run processes as:
group: umlaut 

# Install dir of Umlaut you want to run from:
chdir: /apps/umlaut/
log: log/thin.log # Leave like this. 

# Start port for your instances. Any high port will do. Does NOT need need
# to be open through firewall externally. 
port: 4001
environment: production # Leave like this
address: # Leave like this 
#address: # Leave like this 
pid: tmp/pids/ # Leave like this

# How many instances to run. port: 8000 with servers:3 means you'll
# have a server on 8000, 8001, and 8002. 
servers: 4

# Only if  you want to start at web path other than base / :
#prefix: /getit       # for instance. Start with slash, and don't end with one.


thin $1 -C /apps/umlaut/config/umlaut_config/deploy/thin_cluster.yml