Virtual Lightning Talks

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This is an idea for "Virtual Lightning Talks" -- an occasional online event of lightning talks. The basic idea:

  • Once a month, 10 talks per day, 5-minutes per talk plus a 30-second screen/sound test
  • Use an online conferencing tool (LYRASIS has a subscription to Saba Centra). Java based, so it should be cross-platform for Linux, Mac, Windows (need to test this).
  • Would be based on desktop screen sharing -- share your slides, your web browser, your shell window, whatever
  • Questions for the speaker go in the conferencing tool's chat window. Side comments and snark go in the IRC channel.
  • Speaker would be reminded of their time by audio tones: one each minute for the first three minutes, one every 30 seconds until 30 seconds left, then one every 10 seconds, ending with an appropriate gong-like sound.
  • Recording talks and archiving them can be really helpful for those who aren't able to attend.