Virtual Lightning Talks

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This is an idea for "Virtual Lightning Talks" -- an occasional online event of lightning talks. The basic idea:

  • Once a month, 10 talks per day, 5-minutes per talk plus a 30-second screen/sound test
  • Use an online conferencing tool (LYRASIS has a subscription to Saba Centra). Java based, so it should be cross-platform for Linux, Mac, Windows (need to test this).
  • Would be based on desktop screen sharing -- share your slides, your web browser, your shell window, whatever
  • Questions for the speaker go in the conferencing tool's chat window. Side comments and snark go in the IRC channel.
  • Speaker would be reminded of their time by audio tones: one each minute for the first three minutes, one every 30 seconds until 30 seconds left, then one every 10 seconds, ending with an appropriate gong-like sound.
  • Recording talks and archiving them can be really helpful for those who aren't able to attend.

Presenter Guidelines

The webinar platform supports desktop sharing by Mac, Linux, and Windows servers. Centra offers to options to join a conference: desktop-based and browser-based. To share your desktop, you must join the conference using the desktop software.

Technical Requirements: Minimum configurations for Mac, Linux and Windows are on the system test page. In addition, the conference will use Voice-over-IP (VoIP), so you must have a microphone to present (and preferably a headset to eliminate echo).

Prior to the webinar: Download and install the Centra desktop software. Versions are available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. After installing the client, run the Centra system test to verify connectivity.

Snapshot of web page highlighting the "Launch on Desktop" button for presenters to use

At the start of the webinar: Follow the link to the event and enter your e-mail address into the form. You must select "Launch on Desktop" to open the Centra desktop client.

  • Your screen resolution must be 1280 by 768 or less.
  • If you have more than one screen/monitor, disable all screens but one. (The software will share all of your screens as one large desktop, making it hard for people to follow.)