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Voting website:

Approved user accounts on (not the wiki) are required in order to login to the voting system and vote.

'Elections' are a voting event, and 'Events' group those together, usually around the national conferences.

Past practice

  • One week is needed to set up voting between end of call for proposal and opening of voting
  • Voting is usually open during two-week windows
  • Chris Beer is point of contact to add questions/options to Diebold-o-Tron and open/close voting
  • Listserv is used for voting announcements and reminders
  • Reminders are sent weekly and a few days before close of vote
  • Code for voting:
  • Voting data
    • Must contain an entry name for the entry in one “field” (probably the person’s name) and a markdown-formatted description in another “field”
    • JSON, YAML, or CSV preferred