What should Code4Lib NorCal Do?

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Discussion led by Eric Phetteplace

  • What do we call ourselves?
    • Several suggestions, but Code4Lib NorCal won the vote
  • Locations:
    • Sonoma might be an option.
    • San Luis Obispo would be good for NorCal SoCal meetups.
    • UC Berkeley and Stanford might be good hosts.
    • California Library Association meeting is in Oakland this year, November 7-9. Samuel Merritt University in Oakland could host something for Code4Lib NorCal.
    • Internet Archive? Maybe a tour or a hackathon there?
  • Frequency:
    • SoCal group has met twice in the last six months.
    • Twice a year to start for us might be good.
    • Times that don't conflict with National Code4Lib, so fall and summer.
  • Organization:
    • We need people to handle some basic organization. Eric P. will coordinate a meeting to figure out those questions on Google Group.
  • Outreach:
    • Our group is almost entirely academic libs. Should we do outreach to public libraries? Patrick Newell would be willing to work with someone else to do this outreach.
    • Aaron Collier will reach out to the SoCal people to find out if anyone would want to do a joint meeting.
    • West Coast representation at National Code4Lib tends to be light. How can we make west coast libs more aware? Outreach to tech librarians.
    • Could we sponsor a diversity scholarship to National Code4Lib meeting? In conjunction with SoCal group. $500 should be enough to help get someone there.
  • Types of events:
    • A Hackathon meeting, something hands on. The ALA Midwinter hackathon was a good model. It was structured, and focused on 2 specifc APIs. One was more guided (showing people how to work with the API) and one was more free form (people who already knew how to work with APIs).
    • If we did a hackathon it would be good to combine it with a meetup over a two days span to make travel easier for more far-flung folks.
  • What next?
    • Eric P. will start to get discussion over the Google Group list over next steps.
    • Aaron will see if we can configure an RSS feed for the Google Group.
    • We should advocate for more capacity at National Code4Lib (although it's tricky to find a balance between being open to people who want to come and maintaining a small conference)
    • If we want to start thinking about hosting National Code4Lib in California we should start taking as a group. Might also want to collaborate with SoCal to find a good location.