2013 coral meetup

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Coral Meetup


  • Steve Oberg - Wheaton College +
  • Yongming Wang - College of New Jersey Library +
  • Brian McBride - University Utah (pilot)
  • Alan Witkowski - University Utah (pilot)
  • Megan Finch - Oakland University of Michigan
  • Robin Schaaf - Notre Dame +
  • Bill Dueber - University of Michigan (pilot)
  • Lauren Ajamie - Notre Dame +
  • Jeremy Friesen - Notre Dame +

(+ - using CORAL)


  • Jaron Kennel (jkennel@nd.edu) and Robin Schaff have stepped back from the project
  • Remington Steed (rjs7@calvin.edu) from Calvin College has been doing some recent development
  • Eric Hartman from Texas A&M has been very helpful

https://github.com/ndlibersa/CORAL-Main. This is considered the canonical source; Please put your Issues/TODO here.

Notre Dame

  • About 3500 entries; ebooks are on the horizon
  • Licensing data is used for negotiation; See what the typical agreements are like.
  • Use document management part of License (upload PDF and archive it)

College of New Jersey Library

  • Two instances installed
  • Not using workflow, as there is only one person doing the work of Coral. Appreciate the alerts.
  • About 100 entries for databases for vendors

Wheaton College

  • Populating data is a challenge
  • Scripts as they are, in Github, are intended for initial data loads; But if you want to overlay this becomes more challenging.
  • Many nods to this "Straightening out the mess for data going into CORAL is labor intensive"
  • Suggested to start with installing the usage-statistics module of CORAL
  • About 1900 entries
  • Wants to use CORAL to track all access paths (i.e. SFX, Discovery layer, 360 Link, etc.), not just local catalog (e.g. see Cataloging tab in Resources module)
  • Tremendous amount of work to extract licensing expression/text

University Utah

  • Question - what is the community's commitment to CORAL? Robin is confident in the community. * Texas A&M have put a lot of support behind this.
  • Texas A&M is working on a documentation module; For troubleshooting easy proxy.
  • ER&L will have a meetup and NASIG "should" have a meetup.

University of Michigan

  • Pilot project would load 10000 records or so


  • Where does the code need love: Sushi usage (if it is implemented would be fabulous)
  • Most people said that CORAL is significantly better than any vendor supplied ERM.
  • ERMs are conceptually very simple, or at least the needs that we really want are simple.
  • International characters are supported.
  • Customization is very flexible. But be careful of data migration, spend some time planning your categories
  • Licensing Terms look up feature usage and extension
  • Bringing open source to the institution can be challenging