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What's this page

Making a page for links mentioned in talks. Sadly, started it halfway through conference and network is flaky, but will try to go back.

Tuesday, March 25

Welcome to Code4Lib 2014

Tim McGeary, Code4Lib 2014 Conference Co-Chair and Director of Library & Information Technology at UNC-Chapel Hill

Opening Keynote

Sumana Harihareswara


A Book, a Web Browser and a Tablet: How Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Book Viewer Framework Makes it Possible

Engy Morsy

Quick and Easy Data Visualization with Google Visualization API and Google Chart Libraries

Bohyun Kim

WebSockets for Real==Time and Interactive Interfaces

Jason Ronallo

Personalize Your Google Analytics Data with Custom Events and Variables

Josh Wilson

Discovering your Discovery System in Real Time

Godmar Back and Annette Bailey

Structured Data NOW: seeding schema.org in library systems

Dan Scott

Next Generation Catalogue - RDF as a Basis for New Services

Anne-Lena Westrum, Benjamin Rokseth, Asgeir Rekkavik, and Petter Goksøyr Åsen

More Like This: Approaches to Recommending Related Items using Subject Headings

Kevin Beswick

Breakout Sessions I (no breakout report, but please select a recorder and post the report to the wiki)

Lightning Talks I

Wednesday, March 26

  1. ResCarta Foundation
    1. rescarta.org
  2. Arie Nugraha: SLiMS: Indonesia Grassroot Libraries Revolution]
    1. SLiMS: Indonesia Grassroot Libraries Revolution - Slide links
    2. SLiMS Site page
    3. Github page
  3. Harvard Library Lab (Bobbi Fox)
  4. Logs Are Your Friend (Rosalyn Metz)
  5. Solr Browse & Sort (Michael Gibney)
  6. GeoHydra (Darren Hardy)

Visualizing Solr Search Results with D3.js for User==Friendly Navigation of Large Result Sets

Julia Bauder

Visualizing Library Resources as Networks

Matt Miller

We Are All Disabled! Universal Web Design Making Web Services Accessible for Everyone

Cynthia Ng

Dead-simple Video Content Management: Let Your Filesystem Do The Work

Andreas Orphanides


Lightning Talks 2

Proxy Authentication with Google Open ID

Paired Programming

Mx Matienzo - "Dial-A-DPLA":

Copy, Paste & Search (Cory Lown)

qstat (Hillel Arnold)

Add map view to Your Blacklight app (Jack Reed)

Drupal 8: Of Course (Cary Gordan)

LTI Protocol + Discovery API (LMS <3)

File Analyzer (Terry Brady)

Highcharts JS (Heather RayL)


This is my Search (Cynthia "Arty" Ng)

Bulding for others (and ourselves): the Avalon Media System

Michael B. Klein and Julie Rudder

Sustaining your Open Source project through training

Bess Sadler and Mark Bussey

Behold Fedora 4: The Incredible Shrinking Repository!

Esmé Cowles

A reusable application to enable self deposit of complex objects into a digital preservation environment

Jill Sexton, Mike Daines, and Greg Jansen

== Breakout Sessions 2 (no breakout report; but please select a recorder and post the report on the wiki)

Organic Free-Range API Development - Making Web Services That You Will Actually Want to Consume

Steve Meyer and Karen Coombs

Slides: http://www.oclc.org/resources/developer-network/PPTs/consumable-APIs-coombs-meyer.pptx

Towards Pasta Code Nirvana: Using Javascript MVC to Fill Your Programming Ravioli

Bret Davidson

PhantomJS+Selenium: Easy Automated Testing of AJAX-y UIs

Martin Haye and Mark Redar


Queue Programming -- how using job queues can make the Library coding world a better place

Birkin James Diana

Thursday, March 27

Closing Keynote - An Interview with Valerie Aurora

Lightning Talks

Bplgeo: A Gem to Process Geographic Data / Steven Anderson

Frog Boiling / Charlie Morris & Angie Fullington

Dev Ops @ PSU / Justin Patterson

MozSuite Webmastery, Software Carpentry, Privacy, & Archives / Jeannie Rose Halperin

Mass Digitization / Tim Shearer

Schema.org + Google CSE + Local Search / Sean Aery

Chicago Collections Consortium / Tracy Seneca & Kate Flynn

Contrary Technologies / Ian Walls

Browse-Everything for Rails

Under the Hood of Hadoop Processing at OCLC Research

Roy Tennant

Lucene’s Latest (for Libraries)

Erik Hatcher

All Tiled Up

Mike Graves