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Code4Lib 2017 Social Activities

The Social Activities Group is working on several events and social opportunities for after conference hours. We will be adding more events as they come along. Watch this page!

Also, if you find a cool event to go to, and want to share the wealth with others, feel free to add the event to the page. :)

Planned Events

UCLA Library DIIT Open House

Stop by the Charles E. Young Research Library to see activity by the conference host's Digital Initiatives and Information Technology department.


Newcomer Dinner, Monday, March 6th

First time at code4lib? Join fellow c4l newbies and veterans for an evening of food, socializing, and stimulating discussions about demonstrations of the many uses of bacon XML EZProxy LibGuides alternatives spreadsheets documentation.

Code4Lib veterans, you're invited too. Join us in welcoming the newcomers!


  • When: Monday, March 6th
  • Suggested Time: 6 PM (ish) or whenever you can get your group together
  • Mastermind (if you have any questions): Becky Yoose


  • Max of 6 per group
    • Please, no waitlisting
    • Some restaurants can hold multiple groups of six. It is up to you to investigate the venue to see if this is possible.
  • ID yourselves so we can get a good mix of new people and veterans in each group
    • New folks - n
    • c4l vets - v
  • One leader needed for each location (declare yourself! - Vets are highly encouraged to lead the group)
    • Leader duties
      • Make reservations if required; otherwise make sure that the restaurant can handle a group of 6 rowdy library tech type folks
      • Herd folks from hotel to restaurant (know where you're going!)
  • See a restaurant that's not listed? Feel free to add one, but please make sure that it is open that Monday evening.

NB! This year's Newcomer Dinner options are not close to the convention center and hotel. You will most likely be relying on public transportation, taxis, or ride-sharing services to get to your destination. Please plan accordingly.

Restaurant list, sign ups, and transportation information now available!

Conference Reception, Tuesday, March 7th

Enjoy several of the museum's galleries and spaces while getting a chance to meet other attendees outside of the conference room. Light hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be provided. More information about what exhibits will be open can be found on the Code4Lib website.

#LibTechWomen Meet-Up, Wednesday, March 8th

NOTE: Due to the space limitation, we can host only those who signed up for the event. Thank you for your understanding.

[Please note TIME/LOCATION CHANGE below]

  • When: Wed. 3/8/17, 6-8pm
  • Where: Please see your email invitation for the location. You should have received it if you signed up for the meet-up.
  • Questions: Contact Bohyun Kim - @bohyunkim in Twitter/Slack/IRC
  • There will be drinks and light snacks provided. No dining service on-site unfortunately.
  • Sign up now CLOSED.

  • Afterwards some of us will go to Play and Share!

LibTechWomen is a supportive space for women and their friends to network, develop skills, build confidence, and lead positive change. Are you a lurker? Are you a newcomer? All are welcome! Come meet wonderful colleagues in library technology!

Play and Share, Wednesday, March 8th

Play games? Have some homemade (or “homemade”) treats to share? Want to find folks to play music with? We organized a large open room near the conference center with plenty of space for attendees to gather and socialize, play games and share goodies. We will provide tables and chairs for Board Game Night and some space for jam sessions. You are also welcome to bring stuff to share, from craft sodas and beers to baked goods to local treats - we’ll have a few tables set up for that as well.

More venue information can be found on the Code4Lib website. If you plan to bring something to play or share, please sign up below!

List of Games

  • game title, who will bring it, any other info about the game
  • Gubs, Hardy Pottinger, a friendly easy-to-pick-up game, strategic-ish, not as random as Flux.
  • NetRunner, Hardy Pottinger, I will bring the intro box set, I've never played, Eric Phetteplace has kindly agreed to teach me how to play. Wanna learn, too?
  • Age of War, Matt Sherman, a simple dice rolling game of capturing Japanese castles.
  • Arcana, Matt Sherman, a deckbuilding/bidding game of underworld guilds jockeying for power in a fantasy city.
  • Blood Bowl: Team Manager, Matt Sherman, a game of fantasy football (i.e. orc and elves) representing managers running their teams trying to get the most fans in a season.
  • New Bedford a game of whaling and the building of the town of New Bedford, MA.
  • Exploding Kittens, Linda Ballinger, can include Imploding Kittens expansion pack.
  • Basari: The Card Game, Jon Gorman, A fun quick game where you seek to wheel and deal to get majorities in gems
  • Nyet!, Jon Gorman, An interesting trick-taking game played over multiple rounds where each round people determine what the rules will be for the hand. (Note, this is the old 1997 version, not the pretty new one.)
  • Parade, Jon Gorman, a nice game where you are manipulating a line of cards trying to take the least amount of points possible. (Using a rage deck)
  • Sticheln, Jon Gorman, Probably my favorite-trick taking game. Dirt simple: everyone chooses a pain color. Cards taken in that suit are face-value negative points, other cards are single points. (rage deck)
  • Carcassonne, Eric Cahanin, Tile-placing strategy game for 2-5 players. Reasonably quick (45m) and easy to learn.
  • 1-2 Switch, Steven Carl Anderson, Simple party games played on a tablet screen with detached controller. 2 players at a time but allows a mode for teams that works well for ~6 total players.
  • Codenames, Jon Gorman, team-based game where you're trying to give one clue that will relate to multiple words in a grid.
  • Red7, Jon Gorman, A simple card game where you manipulate the rule of the games or the cards out to not be eliminated.
  • Pack o' Game, Jon Gorman, Actually 7 very small and portable games. I've played several of them and wouldn't try playing more.
  • Hanabi, Jon Gorman, A tricky cooperative game where you can see your teammates cards but not your own and must play them in order.
  • KinderPerfect, Ian Walls, like Cards Against Humanity, but for parents. 3+ players.
  • Chrononauts, Ian Walls, In this game, you are a Time Traveler, with a Secret Mission, a Secret Identity, and a very important job to do: Paradox Repair. 1-6 players.

List of Goodies

  • brand, flavor, allergen alerts (if any)
  • homebrew: wild ale brewed with mixed berries, imperial stout aged on cacao nibs

Social Map - Places of Interest

For a visual-ish view of recommended food, drink, and activities in LA, please visit this awesome Google Map.


Please add your idea with date/time! If you want to participate, please add your name.

Local Food and Drink

A more visual list of food and drink places can be found on the Google Map.

Where To Eat at UCLA — a guide to food on campus.

Zomato —The 200 or so restaurants and coffee shops in and around Westwood, sorted by distance.

LA Events

Saturday and Sunday, March 4 & 5

Monday, March 6

Tuesday, March 7

Wednesday, March 8

Thursday, March 9

All days

Getting Around

All info on getting to the hotel is on the conference website: http://2017.code4lib.org/venue/