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2017 Website Working Group

This group will focus on content strategy (in collaboration with the Documentation Committee) and feature implementations to improve the overall user experience for users (i.e., on-site and remote attendees, speakers, potential sponsors, post-conference users).

Committee Members

Meeting Notes

  • September 8, 2016
    • Introductions
    • Organization
    • Tech stack
      • We will use the same code as last year, and just change the data
      • Luke gave an overview of the stack, which made use of Jekyll for static site generation and a script to convert Google Forms data.
    • Timeline
      • Short notice gives us less time than last year, but we are not starting from scratch so it evens out
      • No details on conference date or venue yet, which actually gives us some breathing room
      • Last year's team got the site up fairly quickly thanks to divide and conquer approach to site pages
    • Primary tasks
      • Luke will take the first ticket of stripping out the 2016 details from the repo
        • Will also set up stub pages so we don't have to "evolve" pages like last year
      • Eric will tackle upgrading the site to Jekyll 3.2
      • Joshua will contact Shaun about handling DNS
      • Joshua will contact members from last years team about handling precon (C. Harlow) and presentation (D. Lacey) data
    • Other notes
      • We will use the same CSS and color pallette as last year for now. Will swap out background image.

Additional Documentation