2018 Scholarship Documents/Timeline and tasks

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2018 Scholarship Committee Documents

The 2018 Scholarship Committee used this timeline to track tasks and deadlines. Committee members signed up for tasks based on interest and capacity.

Task / milestone Date(s) Notes Team
Call for committee volunteers ALL
Initial committee meetings 6/28, 7/19 ALL as available
Call for individual donations to the Angel Fund Sponsorship Comm aims to have funding confirmed by early October but there may be late additions Sponsorship Committee
Finalize number of scholarship recipient seats to hold for registration 9/15 Settled on 15 ALL - email discussion
Finalize call for applications & application format 10/16 Anastasia, Aisha, Chad
Put out call for applications 10/16 Includes identifying channels, communities, organizations to target Anastasia, Aisha, Kat
Reminder call 11/3 Aisha, Kat
Create evaluation rubric 11/10 Amy (draft), ALL (edits)
Application deadline 11/17 Tod, Todd
Confirm application receipt 11/20 Todd
Follow up about missing information 11/20 Todd
Review & rate applications individually 11/18-11/28 "Individually" as in each committee member ALL
Committee meeting to discuss applications, choose recipients 11/29 2:00 PM ALL - multiple meetings if needed or send written feedback
Request references 11/29 Can be via email or Skype/phone Kat, Mairelys, Ruth, Elvia, Amy
Finalize number of available scholarships; notify LPC of registration spots to release 12/5 Budget & sponsorship committees
Reference deadline 12/1 12:00 PM Kat, Mairelys, Ruth, Elvia, Amy
Notify recipients, waitlisted, non-recipients; ask recipients for confirmation, offer 1-1 meetings & conference buddy 12/1 Tod, Chad
Recipients confirm participation, meeting interest, buddy system interest 12/5 Elvia
Follow up with waitlisted applicants 12/5 Amy
Announce awardees 12/12 Elvia
Recruit conference buddies 12/12 Can put in the same email as awardee announcement Elvia
Match awardees with conference buddies Dec/Jan Assume ongoing basis - some awardees may change their minds or people may volunteer late Todd, Elvia
Travel & housing planning week of 12/11 A Very Informative Email Kat, Kate
Coordinate with CONCENTRA: awardee names & contact email Dec asap Rolling as confirmations come in Amy
Housing preference Dec asap Jenn @ CONCENTRA
1-on-1 meetings with awardees Dec/Jan Welcome, Q&A about anything Ruth, Kat, Todd
Coordinate with conference MC(s): scholarship winners recognition, name pronunciation 2/6-2/12 Amy
Conference guide / social stuff email 1/29/18 ALL
Conference! 2/13-2/16
Conference on-site contacts 2/12-2/16 Todd, Amy
Pre-preconference meetup 2/12 Amy, Mairelys, Kate
Group lunch 2/15
Lessons learned February 2018 ALL
Post-conference feedback February 2018 Create & send survey, review feedback Amy (survey & email), ALL (review feedback)
Documentation Spring 2018 Share committee documents & participant feedback with other committees and/or post on wiki as appropriate Amy, Aisha