2024 Code4Lib T-Shirt Design Competition

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Voting is now open for the Code4Lib 2024 T-shirt design! The winning logo will be featured on the front of this year's conference t-shirt. Voting will close on Friday, March 8, 2024.

You can cast your vote here: https://forms.gle/cxoTACEAZNMdYi3T7. The voting form will require you to log in with a Google account to ensure one vote per person.


The t-shirt color will (probably) be black, but we can look into changing the color depending on the design that is ultimately selected. If the winning design's assumed color is something other than the traditional black, we will try to get the t-shirts in the requested color. If that color is not feasible, the logo will default to white or gray, depending on the requested design contrast, on a black t-shirt.


Emma Brown:

Emma Brown.jpg

My design features a vector drawing of an iconic sculpture on U-M's campus, where the conference is being held this year, and the text "Code 4 Lib 2024" in brackets as a spin off of the existing code 4 lib logo. Black and white is great for this design!

Robin Davis:

Robin Davis.png

My inspiration was a black & white cookie. I aimed for interesting geometric forms and nearly unreadable funkiness offset by explanatory text.

Mat Kelly:

Mat Kelly 1.png

Typographic-centric design inspired by the University of Michigan typefaces but in monochrome for single-color. This would also work well on a "Michigan Blue" shirt.

Mat Kelly:

Mat Kelly 2.png

A CC0 wolverimage vector graphic rasterized with the requisite conference info circling it.

Brandon Patterson:

Brandon Patterson.png

The U of Michigan's iconic Burton Tower is shrouded behind and next to a spherical omniscient jumble of lines, blending the line between technology and reality.