2024 Hosting Proposals

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Code4Lib 2024 Hosting Information

Voting is closed.

Code4Lib 2024 Hosting Guidelines

Schedule (tentative)

  • Proposal period opens: 3/27/2023
  • Proposal period ends: 5/12/2023
  • Voting opens: 5/15/2023
  • Voting closes: 5/22/2023

2024 Host Voting Committee

  • Esmé Cowles
  • Your name here!

2024 Hosting Proposals

Please list your proposal below.

Previous Hosting Proposals

Code4Lib 2024 Location Proposals Proposed Template

Welcome to ...!

Place details such as notable landmarks, activities, transit information.

The Conference

Venue needs: first half of 2024 conference that can accommodate roughly 200-300 attendees and meet Code4Lib's technical requirements.

The Cost

Approximate costs to attendees such as venue, lodging, and travel.

Sponsoring Organizations

CLIR/DLF will be the fiscal host regardless of location but we welcome institutional support for the conference.

Organizational Committee

Who are you!