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Bibliography: McCormac JS, Kennedy G. 2004. Birds of Ohio. Auburn (WA): Lone Pine. p. 77-78.

In-Text: (McCormac and Kennedy 2004)

Book Chapter

Bibliography: McDaniel TK, Valdivia RH. 2005. New tools for virulence gene discovery. In: Cossart P, Boquet P, Normark S, Rappuoli R, editors. Cellular microbiology. 2nd ed. Washington (DC): ASM Press. p. 473-488.

In-Text: (McDaniel and Valdivia 2005)

Electronic Book

Bibliography: Rollin, BE. The unheeded cry: animal consciousness, animal pain, and science [Internet]. Ames (IA): The Iowa State University Press; 1998 [cited 2007 August 27]. Available from: http://www.netlibrary.com

In-Text: (Rollin 1998)

Journal Article (Print)

Bibliography: Meise CJ, Johnson DL, Stehlik LL, Manderson J, Shaheen P. 2003. Growth rates of juvenile Winter Flounder under varying environmental conditions. Trans Am Fish Soc 132(2):225-345.

In-Text: (Meise et al. 2003)

Electronic Article (From OpenURL link)

Bibliography: Parmentier H, Golding S, Ashworth M, Rowlands G. 2004. Community pharmacy treatment of minor ailments in refugees. Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics [Internet]. [cited 2007 Jul 24]; 29(5):465-469. Available from: http://journals.ohiolink.edu/ejc/pdf.cgi/Parmentier_H.pdf?issn=02694727&issue=v29i0005&article=465_cptomair

In-Text: (Parmentier et al. 2004)

Electronic Article (From Publisher's Website)

Bibliography: Leng F, Amado L, McMacken R. 2004. Coupling DNA supercoiling to transcription in defined protein systems. Journal of Biological Chemistry [Internet]. [cited 2007 Jul 24];279(46):47564-47571. Available from: http://www.jbc.org/cgi/reprint/279/46/47564

In-Text: (Leng et al. 2004)

Electronic Article (From Online-Only Journal)

Bibliography: Hong P, Wong W. 2005. GeneNotes: a novel information management software for biologists. BMC Bioinformatics [Internet]. [cited 2007 July 24]; 6:20. Available from: http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2105/6/20

In-Text: (Hong and Wong 2005)

Electronic Encyclopedia Article (From Database)

Bibliography: Wang C. c2007. Stem Cells. In: AccessScience@McGraw-Hill. [Internet][Hightstown (NJ)]: McGraw-Hill Education; [cited 2007 Sept 10]. Available from: http://www.accessscience.com/content.aspx?id=800100

In-Text: (Wang c2007)


Bibliography: Dettmers JM. 1995. Assessing the trophic cascade in reservoirs: the role of an introduced predator [dissertation]. [Columbus (OH)]: Ohio State University. p. 7-14.

In-Text: (Dettmers 1995)

Conference Paper

Bibliography: Clarke A, Crame JA. 2003. Importance of historical processes in global patterns of diversity. In: Blackburn TM, Gaston KJ, editors. Macroecology: concepts and consequences. Proceedings of the 43rd annual symposium of the British Ecological Society; 2002 Apr 17-19; Birmingham. Malden (MA): Blackwell. p. 130-152.

In-Text: (Clarke and Crame 2003)

Conference Abstract

Bibliography: Swanson TA, Blair P, Madigan L. 2004. Reduction in medication errors through redesign of the medication use system [abstract]. In: American Society of Health-system Pharmacists 39th midyear meeting; 2004 Dec 5-9; Orlando. Bethesda (MD): American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. MCS-28.

In-Text: (Swanson et al. 2004)

Technical Report

Bibliography: Ford PL, Fagerlund RA, Duszynski DW, Polechla PJ. 2004. Fleas and lice of mammals in New Mexico. Fort Collins (CO): USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station. General Technical Report No. RMRS-GTR-123.

In-Text: (Ford et al. 2004)

Web Page (With No Author Listed)

Bibliography: Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) [Internet]. [updated 2007 Feb 27]. Columbus (OH): Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry; [cited 2007 Jul 24]. Available from: http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/forestry/health/eab.htm

In-Text: (Emerald Ash Borer ... [updated 2007])


(Page adapted from The Ohio State University Libraries guide on reference styles http://library.osu.edu/help/research-strategies/)