Code4Lib Journal Retraction Policy

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The editorial committee of the Cod4Lib Journal may consider retracting an article due to plagiarism, copyright infringement, data misuse, ethical misconduct, or other considerations.

Article authors may request to retract an article. When requesting a retraction, authors should contact the coordinating editor of that issue and/or the main editorial member (1st and/or 2nd reader) and include:

  • which article should be retracted with title, publication date, journal issue, and URL
  • reason for retraction.

Articles that have been retracted will be listed in the issue’s contents with the author’s name, but the abstract, text, images, figures, code, and other content will be removed from public view.

A notice of retraction will replace the article including who, when, and why the article was retracted.

Comments posted in the retracted article will be preserved or retracted at the discretion of the editorial board.

The editorial committee will work with the author(s) for appropriate language to be displayed.

Retractions will happen in a timely manner.

The editorial committee may post an Expression of Concern as an alternative to retraction if the committee finds that a formal retraction is not warranted.