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Tuesday 2/8, 8:30PM, Hospitality suite.


The Craft Brew Drinkup at Code4lib 2011 is all about sharing and enjoying good beer with fellow conference attendees. The idea is to bring bottles of your favorite beers. For this sort of thing anarchivist usually recommends bringing 22 oz bottles, but 12 oz. is OK if it's strong or really special. While you're not obligated to bring local beers from whereever you're from, participants are definitely encouraged to bring beer that you think is special and might be somewhat hard for others outside your area to find. Sign up below with your name, where you're from, and list a few brews or bottles you're thinking about (but not necessarily committing to) bringing along. You can also request that people bring specific beer if you so desire, but don't necessarily expect that your wishes will be granted.

Name Location Brews or Breweries I might bring Requests
Mark Matienzo New Haven CT/Brooklyn NY Pretty Things (1901 KK and Babayaga); Brooklyn Brewery Local 2, Berkshire Brewing Company Coffeehouse Porter (all purchased already) Imperial porters/stouts; really funky-/Brett-tasting beers. GOOD lager or kölsch.
Edward Corrado Binghamton NY Something from one or more local microbreweries smokey beer
Mike Giarlo Pennsyltucky Either local PA stuff (Otto's, Elk Creek, Victory, Tröegs, Stoudts, Weyerbacher) or Dogfish Head or both Sour beers, barleywines, malty beers, and beers that make you go "Hmmmm..."
Declan Fleming San Diego Green Flash, Alesmith, Lost Abbey Stouts, sours, not of that fizzy yellow ick, not too many hops
Jason Stirnaman Kansas City Boulevard Smokestack something or other - Imperial Stout if available Stouts, lagers, no hoppy or spicy ales
Ryan Eby Lansing/Ann Arbor, MI Jolly Pumpkin, Founders, others by request (below). Driving so can do growlers. Dark or Hoppy
Esmé Cowles Gainesville, FL Cigar City or homebrew scotch ale. Anything malty and/or aromatic. French Broad Wee Heavy-er (or -est) if anybody's coming up from Asheville.
Tim Donohue Champaign, IL Three Floyds, Two Brothers, or whatever I find that looks good at local Friar Tucks (welcoming requests) Most anything except fruity/spicy. I like hoppy, dark and/or malty.
Linda Ballinger Chicago, IL Half Acre (probably) Dark, bitter
Dan Suchy Sandy Eggo, CA Ballast Point, Port Brewing/Lost Abbey, Alpine (let me know if you have a specific request) Funky Farm House ales, local IPAs, would love to try that Smokestack series.
Rob Casson Cincinnati, OH Variety of stuff from Party Source (taking requests). Sadly, Cincinnati's brewing heritage never really recovered from Prohibition, but I may still find/bring something local. I like beer.
Anjanette Young Seattle, WA Big Time, Pike, Upright Brewing, Elysian, Deschutes, Hair of the Dog, Ninkasi, Epic. Pretty Things!
Hillel Arnold Upstate Manhattan Some combination of Brooklyn Brewery, Southampton Public House, Kelso, Sixpoint, or Captain Lawrence (basically, whatever looks appealing when I go to the store).
Joshua Gomez DC/VA/MD I'm new to DC, and haven't had enough time to determine the best local brews, so I will take suggestions from you all on what I should look for and bring with me. brown and red ales
Adam Wead Cleveland Great Lakes Brewery -- their porter is tops. Folks also go nuts for their Christmas Ale. I like anything... but I'm a sucker for a good oud bruin
Michael Levy Washington, DC Not sure what I'll bring but I do have some Kona Longboard Lager;--not local, but not bad.
Francis Kayiwa Chicago, IL FFF - Dark Lord 2010, Goose Island (One of their Bourbon County Stout), Half Acre's Chocolate Camarro Anything from Deschutes Brewery
Greg McClellan Boston, MA Cisco Grey Lady Ale, Allagash Tripel, Catamount Maple Wheat (Harpoon 100 Barrel) Hoppy hoppy
Greg Jansen Chapel Hill, NC Duck Rabbit Stout/Porter, Full Steam Working Man's Lunch (MoonPie dark ale), Weeping Radish Black Radish (if I can find it) Abbey style, dark stuff, malty stuff, IPA
Matt Critchlow San Diego, CA maybe some homebrew Wit if the mother in law doesn't drink it all while visiting this week. And something local. Would love to try Nugget Nectar if anyone can get it
Jenny Reiswig San Diego, CA Julian Hard Cider - local apple town, very light style cider. Also an Alpine Expo and something from Manzanita, a new brewery in Santee CA I'm a fan of the sour and funky. You will understand when you meet me.
Andrea Schurr Chattanooga, TN Highland Oatmeal Porter and Terrapin IPA - would have rather brought a growler from my favorite Chattanooga brew pub but afraid they wouldn't let my luggage on the plane Anything. Really. Except Lagers.
Ryan Wick Portland, OR Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar, Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout, Chatoe Rogue Creek Ale, Deschutes Black Butte Porter, Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout I'll try (almost) anything once.
Aaron Collie Lansing, MI Founders/Bells/MBC/Cilas/Dragonmead (Founders Double Trouble 4x12oz for sure, might grab something else?) Three Floyd's Robert the Bruce, Four Peaks Hefeweizen (or any bavarian style hefe), anything
Chris Beer Boston, MA Jolly Pumpkin, Ithaca Brewing.. Anything
Jon Gorman Champaign, IL Not sure, if Tim is going to the Friar, I might go to th SungSinger I'll drink just about anything.
Bohyun Kim Miami, FL Ten Fidy, Gordon, Gumbo from Osaka Blues Brewery Any beer will do as long as it doesn't lack alcohol but fruity or chocolate-y is nice~
Mark Andrea Santa Ana, CA A few selections from local favorites The Bruery (Mischief, Loakal Red) Looking forward to trying some Three Floyd's since we don't see that out in the West Coast
Matt Cordial Phoenix, AZ Four Peaks Kilt Lifter (Scottish Ale), San Tan Devil's Ale (in a can!), Sonoran White Chocolate Ale
Mike Stroming Evanston, IL. Half Acre Daisy Cutter - Pale Ale


  • mjgiarlo: Stoudts, Weyerbacher get decent distribution around MI at least. the otto/elk sounds interesting. special victory's --eby; Sly Fox (anarchivist)
  • eby: atwater (anarchivist), founders and bells (bigd)
  • anjanette: elysian (anarchivist)
  • joshua gomez: stillwater, from baltimore (anarchivist)