FCIG Meeting 2016 10 14

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  • Galen Charlton
  • Morgan McKeehan
  • Eric Lease Morgan
  • Beatrice Pulliam


  • CLIR has responded favorably to Morgan's initial query about whether they might be willing to act as fiscal host. Morgan and Galen will work together on follow-up questions.
  • There was a discussion of Galen's meeting with an attorney, who outlined costs and process for what it would take to establish a nonprofit entity for Code4Lib. Some key points:
    • It would take between $5,000 and $10,000 in legal and filing fees to set up a tax-exempt nonprofit; money can be saved if Code4Lib members with relevant experience volunteer to help complete paperwork
    • The attorney suggested that the nonprofit be a membership organization. One variation would be having all members be automatically on the board, which would allow major decisions to be made by direct votes. The by-laws can be written to allow this while setting quorum requirements and officer responsibilities appropriately so that day-to-day work can proceed efficiently.
  • We are setting a deadline of mid-November for ourselves to make our report and recommendations to the greater Code4Lib community, with the notion that we would hold a Q&A session at the 2017 conference, followed by a community vote on next steps.

Action items

  • Morgan and Galen will collaborate on putting together questions to send to CLIR
  • Morgan will look into Open Repositories, which CLIR sponsors
  • Morgan will create document to start outlining the IG's report & recommendation; Beatrice volunteered to assist
  • Galen will secure time on the schedule at the 2017 conference