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We have several packages of data to play with. Two of them are for ingestion into PostgreSQL/PostGIS. The third is raster data that will come with a preprepared Tomcat instance. I'll be updating this page with these packages over the course of this morning.

The first SQL package is a bag of metadata (our PostgreSQL data store will hold both data and metadata). Please find it here.

Those of you on *nix platforms should be able to run this file as SQL against your PostgreSQL instance without change. Be sure that the PostgreSQL commands are available in your shell:

export PATH=/usr/local/pgsql/bin:$PATH

and try:

psql -f geonetwork.sql -U postgres -d postgres

Let me know how this goes.

I'm not yet sure what to do for those of you who have chosen to use Windows platforms. Please try the above instructions and tell me if they work for you as well.

Here is the prepackaged Tomcat instance I mentioned, or rather, it will be there at about 10AM, when the upload finishes. It is very large (about a CD's worth). I will be making a few DVDs at some point this morning and bringing them to the workshop, so if you can download this, do so, but if not, don't worry. If you can, please try to start it on your machine (first turn off anything using port 8080). Scripts for startup/shutdown will be found in the unpacked archive in tomcat/bin/*. They are available both for *nix and Windows. Again, please email me any news of success or failure.

Lastly, Here is some data that we'll play with and use to build example apps. Please download it, but only try running it against your PostgreSQL server if you are running an *nix platform and have installed PostgreSQL to /usr/local/pgsql (the default location).