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This page goes over the URL structures for the normal III OPAC. This can be useful when trying to link back to functions that don't exist via API such as holds.

http://magic.msu.edu - normal hostname. Brings up page based on mainmenu.html

http://magic.msu.edu/search/ - specifies a search. Should be followed by the search type

http://magic.msu.edu/search/t - title search

http://magic.msu.edu/search/tgenetics - title search for genetics

A Full Browse URL


  • The first tgenetics is used to populate the search box and does not appear to affect the search
  • The second tgenetics is the actual search terms. Changing this will change the results
  • The '1' is the starting result. Changing this to '5' would have the results start at the 5th result.
  • The '491' is the number of titles (or groups) retrieved. For a title search where titles are grouped this would be the number of groups. For keyword it is the same as number of results. Changing this will affect the number of titles displayed except for '1' which will display 12.
  • The '609' is the number of results returned. Changing this does not actually affect the number displayed, just the text saying how many are returned.
  • The 'B' is the display type. 'B' for Brief or 'E' for Expanded
  • The /browse gives browse screens. There is also /limit for limiting the search, /marc for marc display if the search is for a bibnum, /request for requesting the book, /export to export all records from screen