July 7, 2017 - Program Committee Agenda

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Meeting Information

  • Facilitating: Aaron Collier
  • Time: 11am(PST)/2pm(EST)
  • Note Taker: TBD



  1. Update on conference Dates
    1. Establish target timing for RFPs, voting, etc.
    2. Put together a tentative schedule & share with other committees that we should coordinate dates with
    3. Google Drive / Sheet to track.
      1. Google Drive
  2. Communicating with community
    1. Tracking communication to lists, slack, etc.
    2. Polling community for decisions
    3. Reaching out for RFPs: http://bridgetkromhout.com/blog/2017/06/04/in-the-kingdom-of-the-blind/
  3. Additional Agenda Items?
  4. Note taker for next meeting?