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2012 preconference proposals

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Collaborators/Facilitators: Corey Harper, New York University - corey dot harper at nyu dot edu | Shana L. McDanold, University of Pennsylvania -
mcdanold at pobox dot upenn dot edu | Laura Smart, Caltech - laura at library dot caltech dot edu
=== "Geo" ===
This session will explore, we hope collaboratively, the presentation of objects on maps. There will be a section on workflow, a section on discovering objects via "geobrowse," a section discovery of objects via "geosearch," and an exploration of the discovery and presentation of geo-referenced images (e.g. historic maps). There will be open discussion on other approaches to map-based discovery. Emphasis will be placed on simplicity of workflow and implementation. Technologies include: Atom, Django, Solr, and OpenLayers.
Presenters: Mike Graves, UNC Chapel Hill, gravm at email dot unc dot edu; Tim Shearer, UNC Chapel Hill, tshearer at email dot unc dot edu
(please feel free to contact Tim if you are interested in being a co-presenter)
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