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Code4Lib Journal Email Templates

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Added licensing paragraph
We would like to publish your article in issue <#> of the Journal, which is scheduled to be published on <insert date here>. The deadline for submission of a complete draft of the article is <deadline for draft>, but the sooner you can get us a draft the better, the more likely we'll be able to get your article into that issue. To see what we're looking for, you should consult our author guidelines at: Once you have submitted a complete draft for publication, we may work with you on additional requested edits before the Editorial Committee will vote again to finalize its publication.
As a final note, we require all authors to agree to CC-BY licensing for the articles we publish in the journal. We recommend that any linked code also have some type of code-specific license (like GPL, for example).
<insert any additional comments about focus we'd like to see in the article or editorial committee concerns>

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