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Digging into metadata: context, code, and collaboration

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*[ Name Authority Cooperative Program of the PCC (NACO)]
*[ Subject Authority Cooperative Program of the PCC (SACO)]
[ ALA]
*[ ALA ALCTS] American Library Association - Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (pronounced ah-lecks). See especially
**[ Metadata Interest Group]
**[ MARC Formats Interest Group]
**[ Cataloging Form and Function Interest Group]
*[ Cataloging Committee on Description and Access (CC:DA)] '''the'' ALA committee which deals with editorial content of RDA, technically housed within ALCTS but has representation from other ALA divisions. If you want to submit a proposal for a rule change, this is the clearinghouse for people in the United States. The committee documents are useful for following potential rule-changes but dive into this at your own risk...this is hard core cataloger territory
=== Terminology ===

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