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2012 c4l2012 social activities

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*'''capped at 6'''
[ Pan Africa Restaurant & Bar] (Pan African) CLOSED TUESDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry for the confusion. I have moved everyone to Long Provincial, so that you'll have a place held in case you want it. If Long Provincial doesn't suit you, please remove your name in case someone else wants the spot. Again, I'm sorry. --Jason
[ Long Provincial] Vietnamese (.7 miles from hotel; 15 minute walk)Reservation for 6 for 6:30 (and I have a confirmation number!)Has a jellyfish tank.*Jason Ronallo (leader; happy to lead to any other veg-friendly place as an alternative?) - v?
*Nettie Lagace - n
*Bohyun Kim - n/v (2nd-timer)
*James Stuart - n
*'''capped at six'''
'''Restaurants between .5 and 1 mile from hotel'''

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