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Digging into metadata: context, code, and collaboration

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Major Dates in Descriptive Metadata
'''1971 First Draft of International Standard Book Description (ISBD)'''<br />
There was a need for a uniform standard of application of the Paris Principles. IFLA developed a draft standard, applied immediately by UK, France, and Germany. The standard went through years of refinement. Initially it was applied solely to monographs and morphed into the ISBD(M) ... M standing for monographs and ISBD(G) for general framework. The recognition of various types of library material led to the development of ISBD(S)for serials, (CM) cartographic materials, (NBM) non-book, (PM) printed music, (A) antiquarian, (CP) component parts (i.e. analytics for the contents of works). In 2011, the various ISBDs were consolidated into a single text. ISBD has a major affect on MARC data entry as ISBD punctuation is used in within the fields.

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