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2012 Craft Brew Drinkup

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How This Works
== How This Works ==
=== Locations ===''The Craft Brew Drinkup will span multiple rooms this year, since the hospitality suite is not large enough to hold all of us. ''' The main Drinkup room is 1001 (10th floor, Renaissance Hotel) -- '''go there first!''' A few of us will make sure the room does not become overcrowded, and we will be directing folks to other rooms ''as needed''. We ''may'' distribute the beer to a few different rooms as well if room 1001 becomes a bottleneck, or if we have folks overflowing into the hallway. If so, we'll update the wiki page with those locations, and circulate the same information via word of mouth. === If you have beer ===
'''If you have beer''', bring it directly to room 1001 and we'll make sure it is refrigerated, served, and otherwise handled with care and love.

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