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Maybe somebody will see this - or not.
I thought this to be a website about sharing code that could be used in libraries. If that's the case, then send email to I have free source code for an OCLC Connexion macro that I wrote, that I want to share. That's my home email, which I won't check until the evening, so don't expect any replies during normal work hours. Also, if anybody can direct me to a way to do that through Code4lib, that would be helpful.
Obviously, the code would need to be modified to use elsewhere, as this is tailored for out needs. But, it's profusely commented, so that might not be such a large job.
At the core of what Cataloging!EditRecordER does is the presentation of a dialogboxdialog box dialogbox (titled Options) where the user can make various choices about
how the record on the screen in Connexion is to be checked,
and how lines of information are added to that record. The user

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