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Code4Lib Journal Recruit New Editors

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== Announcement Text ==
Have you ever wanted to help shape the conversation about what libraries, archives and museums can be like today and tomorrow? If you have, please consider joining the editorial team at The [ Code4lib Journal]. Code4lib Journal is a quarterly, open access, peer reviewed, WordPress driven online journal that serves the community of technologists working in the cultural heritage sectorlooking for volunteers to join its editorial committee. The journal is in its 5th year of publication, and sees thousands of visitors a month from around Editorial committee members work collaboratively to produce the worldquarterly Code4Lib Journal. Editors are expected to:
As an editor you would be instrumental in deciding what content gets presented in the journal* Read, discuss, and working with authors to help get their content onlinevote on incoming proposals. There is also an opportunity * Volunteer to help out be the assigned editor or second reader for specific proposals. ** Assigned editors work with the journal'author(s backend infrastructure. If you would like ) to know more about what an editor make sure the article is as strong as possible, that the copy is clean, and deadlines are met. They also enter the article into WordPress, making sure the formatting is okay, all images and tables look good, etc. ** Second readers act as a second set of eyes for journal performs please see [http://journalthe assigned editor.code4lib* Read and comment on any other article that interests* Volunteer for administrative tasks and-structure Code4lib Journal: Process and Structure]projects as they crop up. If your interest is piqued please answer each question with just * Take a few sentences:turn as Coordinating Editor for an Issue. The Coordinating Editor shepherds the issue through its life cycle.
* What We seek an individual who is your vision for self-motivated, organized and able to meet deadlines; is familiar with ideas and trends in the Code4Lib Journal? Why are you interested field; and has an interest in it? * How can you contribute to the Code4Lib Journal? What do you have mechanics of writing. There is a sometimes significant time commitment involved; expect to offer?set aside ten or more hours a month.
Please send It sounds like a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun (if editing is your responses to [mailto:journal@code4libidea of fun).org]
SincerelyIntrigued? Please send a letter of interest by Monday,April 30 to []. Your letter should address these two basic questions:The Editors1) What is your vision for the Code4Lib Journal? Why are you interested in it? 2) How can you contribute to the Code4Lib Journal, i.e. what do you have to offer? We encourage people who have previously applied and who are still interested to re-apply. We have had to turn down a lot of highly-qualified people in the past due to the large number of applications. If you have any questions, contact us by email at [] or ask any member of the editorial committee (listed at We plan to make decisions about additional editors by mid-May.
== Announcement Venues ==
When you make an announcement please add your initials and the date to the right of the list item:
* [ code4lib twitter account] contact [ MrDys]
* [https Code4Lib]* [ Drupal4Lib]* [ LITA-L]* [ Metadatalibrarians]* [ NGC4Lib]* [ OSS4Lib]* [ Usability4Lib],* [ Web4Lib]* [ Law-Lib]* [ MedLib]* [ AUTOCAT] autocat@listserv.syr.educode4lib website

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