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Umlaut partial html API javascript helper

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Hey! Great Site!If you want to include Umlaut-generated HTML directly on a third party page via javascript, http://wwwthere is a javascript helper script to make that very free porn movieThis helper uses the [[Umlaut partial html API]], but does everything for you. 3821The helper will update your divs, http://wwwand keep polling Umlaut for new results, continuing to re-update your divs until Umlaut is finished.nj How often it polls is configured by application config 'poll_wait_seconds', which defaults to 4 == Overview == You need to specify your Umlaut base URL in a global javascript variable called umlaut_base. This is not your link resolver base url which for Umlaut ends in /forumsresolve, but the actual Umlaut application base URL, which should be the same, without the /profileresolve.ssf?nickname=freelesbia0 free lesbian porn, nufjAt JHU, it's " free online pornedu".  You also need to put a URL-formatted (KEV) OpenURL context object in a global js variable called umlaut_openurl_kev_co. You then specify mappings from Umlaut html sections to HTML divs on your page in global js variable called umlaut_section_map containing a hash. Umlaut html sections are configured in Umlaut in the "partial_html_map" configuration param, 50348which by default is set to the "bg_update_map" config params :divs key. To see the sections in a default Umlaut installation, see: [http://wwwumlaut.njrubyforge.comorg/forumssvn/profile.ssf?nickname=freeanimal3 free animal porn, uzyav, http:trunk/config/wwwenvironment.beborb naturist nudist galleriesrb in svn], 168look for bg_update_map. The :divs key of the hash there is an array of hashes, httpeach individual hash has a ://wwwdiv_id key that corresponds to the html_sections id in this api response.mliveFor Umlaut developers, the :partial key tells you what Rails partial is used to generate this You can also optionally use some javascript callbacks to perform behavior after or during loading.ssf?nickname=freepornmo3 free porn movieIn the following example, 555, http://wwwwe'll demo using a javascript callback to only show a div for search_inside functionality if there are search_inside tools provided.nj The script will check if the javascript Prototype library is loaded into the host page, and load it if not.ssf?nickname=freefullle34 free full length porn videosAmong other things, 84470this means you can use Prototype in your callbacks.  The html loaded will sometimes include a "spinner" with a message "loading more", httpif the content is not yet loaded.  An example is best://www == Example == <pre>  <H1>Here is an article</profileh1>  <p>We're looking up Cytoplasmic Control of nuclear behavior by Masui.ssf?nickname=freefullle55 free full length porn moviesOf course normally this would be dynamically generated, rdxpmonot in static html like this.<p>  <!-- umlaut full text will be loaded here. You might want to include some initial content here for browsers without javascript. For browsers with javascript, this will be overwritten.--> <div id="my_fulltext"> <a href="http://wwwumlaut.njuniversity.comedu/forums/profile.ssfresolve?nicknameurl_ver=freeblackp4 free black porn, lelb, httpZ39.88-2004&rft_val_fmt=info:ofi// nudity in movies, fmt:-(, httpkev:mtx:journal&rft_id=info:doi//www10.nj.com1002/forums/profilejez.ssf?nickname1401770202&rfr_id=freepornga7 free porn galleries, gzdvqp, httpinfo:sid//wwwuniversity.njedu:myapplication& free hardcore porn, gziryx, free porn downloads, 972, http://www1971&rft.mliveatitle=Cytoplasmic%20control%20of%20nuclear%20behavior&rft.comaulast=Masui"> Link to umlaut </forumsa> </profile.ssf?nickname=freeamatur5 free amature porndiv>  <!-- we hide this div to start out with, our js callback later will show it there is full text. But we avoid a "spinner" showing up here before everything is fully loaded. 55685, http--> <div id="my_search_inside" style="display:none;"></div>  <div id="my_cover"></www.mlive.comdiv>  <div id="my_see_also"</forumsdiv>  <div id="my_excerpts"></profile.ssf?nicknamediv>  <!-- now the javascript to actually load content in those divs -->  <script type=freepornga6 free porn games, 9116, http:"text/javascript"> /www/ You have to generate an OpenURL context object somehow, and set it in a js global /SharonB7139 frontal nudity female beauty/ Normally this would be generated dynamically, 8-Onot static HTML like this, http:of course. //wwwYou may want to include a rfr_id to identify your application as a source, demo below.nj  umlaut_openurl_kev_co = 'url_ver=Z39.com88-2004&rft_val_fmt=info:ofi/forums/profile.ssf?nicknamefmt:kev:mtx:journal&rft_id=freehomema0 free homemade porn, 188221, httpinfo:doi// free cartoon porn, djg, httpinfo:sid//wwwuniversity.njedu:myapplication& free amature porn, hye, free porn video, 1971&rft.atitle=-OOO, http://wwwCytoplasmic%20control%20of%20nuclear%20behavior&rft.mlive.comaulast=Masui';  /forums/profile.ssf?nicknameset global js var to tell script where to find umlaut umlaut_base =freeteenpo8 free teen porn, 1079, 'http://wwwumlaut.njuniversity.comedu';  /forums/profile.ssf?nickname=freemilfpo4 free milf porn, 790, httpMap of umlaut section id to:div id we want to put it on the page //www.nj.comNote the js call back for search_inside_wrapper, to only show the /forums/profilediv on our page if there are elements.ssf?nickname=freepornmo7 free porn movies, bhvuo, http:Js callback function gets one //www.njargument, which will be number of Umlaut responses in the /forums/profileNote also that we can use Prototype in the callback.ssf?nickname  umlaut_section_map =freeporntu3 free porn tube{ 'fulltext_wrapper': 'my_fulltext', > 'highlighted_links':-'my_see_also', 'excerpts_wrapper': 'my_excerpts', 'cover_image': 'my_cover', 'search_inside_wrapper': {'host_div_id': 'my_search_inside', 'after_update': function(count){ if ( count > 0){ $('my_search_inside').show(); } } } }; </script>  <!-- now actually load the umlaut js helper, which will do the magic for you --> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://wwwumlaut.bebouniversity.comedu/BarbaraK384 underage nudity, 331,javascripts/embed/umlaut-embed.js"></script>  </pre>    [[Category:Umlaut]]

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