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Umlaut partial html API javascript helper

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Example epic boobs
== Example == <pre>  <H1>Here is an article page. <http:/h1>  <p>We're looking up Cytoplasmic Control of nuclear behavior by Masui/www. Of course normally this would be dynamically generated, not in static html like thismlive.<p>  <!-- umlaut full text will be loaded herecom/forums/profile. You might want to include some initial content here for browsers without javascript. For browsers with javascript, this will be overwritten.--> <div idssf?nickname="my_fulltext">ratemyboob5 rate my boobs <a href="http://umlautwww.universitymlive.educom/resolveforums/profile.ssf?url_vernickname=Z39.88-2004&rft_val_fmt=infobabygotboo1 baby got boobshttp:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:journal&rft_id=info:doi/ the boobs movieshttp:sid/university/ gigantic boobshttp://www.%20Expmlive.%20Zool&rftcom/forums/profile.datessf?nickname=1971&rft.atitle=Cytoplasmic%20control%20of%20nuclear%20behavior&rft.aulast=Masui">unrealboob6 unreal boobs Link to umlaut <http:/a> </div>  <!-- we hide this div to start out with, our js callback later will show it there is full textwww. But we avoid a "spinner" showing up here before everything is fully loadedmlive. --> <div id="my_search_inside" style="display:none;"><com/div>  <div id="my_cover"><forums/div>  <div idprofile.ssf?nickname="my_see_also"</div>hotboobs hot boobs  <div id="my_excerpts"><http:/div>  <!-- now the javascript to actually load content in those divs -->  <script type="text/javascript"> You have to generate an OpenURL context object somehow, and set it in a js global varprofile. ssf?nickname=mommygotbo7 mommy got boobs http:// Normally this would be generated dynamically, not static HTML like this, of coursewww. You may want to include a rfr_id to identify your application as a source, demo belowprofile. ssf?nickname=babygotboo5 baby got boobs  umlaut_openurl_kev_co = 'url_ver=Z39.88-2004&rft_val_fmt=infohttp:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:journal&rft_id=info:doi/10www.mlive.1002com/jezforums/profile.1401770202&rfr_idssf?nickname=infogiantboobs giant boobshttp:sid/university/ massive boobshttp://www.%20Zool&';  com/forums/ set global js var to tell script where to find umlaut umlaut_base profile.ssf?nickname= 'flashboobs flash boobs';  com/forums/ Map of umlaut section id to: div id we want to put it on the pageprofile.ssf?nickname=sexyboobs sexy boobs http:// Note the js call back for search_inside_wrapper, to only show the div on our page if there are elementsprofile. Js callback function gets onessf?nickname=bouncingbo6 bouncing boobs http:// argument, which will be number of Umlaut responses in the sectionwww. Note also that we can use Prototype in the callbackprofile.   umlaut_section_map ssf?nickname= {bareboobs bare boobs 'fulltext_wrapper'http: 'my_fulltext', 'highlighted_links': 'my_see_also', 'excerpts_wrapper': 'my_excerpts', 'cover_image': 'my_cover', 'search_inside_wrapper': {'host_div_id': 'my_search_inside', 'after_update': function(count) { if ( count > 0) { $('my_search_inside')//; } } } }; <com/script>  <!-- now actually load the umlaut js helper, which will do the magic for you --> <script type="textforums/javascript" srcprofile.ssf?nickname="mileycyrus99 miley cyrus boobshttp://umlautwww.universitymlive.educom/javascriptsforums/embed/umlaut-embedprofile.js"></script>  </pre>    [[Category:Umlaut]]ssf?nickname=blackboobs black boobs
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