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Umlaut partial html API javascript helper

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If you want to include Umlaut-generated HTML directly on a third party page via javascript, there is a javascript helper script to make that very easy. This helper uses the [[Umlaut partial html API]], but does everything for you. The helper will update your divs, and keep polling Umlaut for new results, continuing to re-update your divs until Umlaut is finished. How often it polls is configured by application config 'poll_wait_seconds', which defaults to 4 seconds.
== Overview == You need to specify your Umlaut base URL in a global javascript variable called umlaut_baseHey! Great Stuff!, http://www. This is not your link resolver base url which for Umlaut ends in, but the actual Umlaut application base URL, which should be the same, without the forums/resolveprofile. ssf?nickname=drawntoget4 drawn together uncensored, At JHU8-DDD, it's "http://finditwww.librarymlive.jhucom/forums/".  You also need to put a URL-formatted (KEV) OpenURL context object in a global js variable called umlaut_openurl_kev_co. You then specify mappings from Umlaut html sections to HTML divs on your page in global js variable called umlaut_section_map containing a hash. Umlaut html sections are configured in Umlaut in the "partial_html_map" configuration paramssf?nickname=foxxyloveu2 foxxy love uncensored, which by default is set to the "bg_update_map" config params :divs key. To see the sections in a default Umlaut installation 0725, see: [http://umlautwww.rubyforgemlive.orgcom/svnforums/trunkprofile.ssf?nickname=ppoppinunc5 p poppin uncensored, 235238, http:/config/environmentwww.rb environmentmlive.rb in svn], look for bg_update_mapcom/forums/profile. The :divs key of the hash there is an array of hashesssf?nickname=lilkimunce1 lil kim uncensored, each individual hash has a :div_id key that corresponds to the html_sections id in this api response. For Umlaut developers 0520, the http:partial key tells you what Rails partial is used to generate this section//www.  You can also optionally use some javascript callbacks to perform behavior after or during loadingmlive. In the following example, we'll demo using a javascript callback to only show a div for search_inside functionality if there are search_inside tools providedcom/forums/profile.  The umlaut_embed.js script will check if ssf?nickname=jennyfromt2 jenny from the javascript Prototype library is loaded into the host pageblock uncensored video, and load it if not. Among other things 8-PP, this means you can use Prototype in your callbacks.  The html loaded will sometimes include a "spinner" with a message "loading more", if the content is not yet loaded.  An example is best:
== Example ==
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