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hackfest ideas :: feel free to add to the list: Added SPLURGE
*[ LibraryBox] is a customized version of PirateBox that can run be run on the inexpensive TP-Link MR 3020. Currently, it acts as a simple file server but it could potentially offer a more library-focused service, such as [!/djfiander/status/184315493157576704 an eBook server for nearby devices using OPDS]. (Warren)
* [ Evergreen]: The Evergreen project is currently recruiting volunteers for the Google Summer of Code effort and has [ a list of project ideas]. Some of these ideas, if not already claimed by a student GSoC participant, might make for interesting hackfest projects. Or we could rewrite the MARC editor in Dojo.
* [SPLURGE]! The Scholars Portal Library Usage-Based Recommendation Engine began at a hackfest in February and has been worked on since then, but it needs one last push to get all of the pieces joined together so that an easy-to-use "people who borrowed this also borrowed that" service built on shared circ data can be tested. There are four parts to SPLURGE: data cleanup, getting it into a properly configured database, a web service that talks to the database, some Javascript that can dropped into a catalogue to talk to the web service. They all exist, but not all of them are quite done and they don't all talk to each other. The purpose of this hackfest project would be for people to familiarize themselves with the work that's been done, and then try to finish it up.
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