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Umlaut wishlist

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Jbit5m <a href="= done or in progress == * Google Books search to complement the OCA and Gutenberg searches I’ve got--may or may not be possible with no google books api. Screen scrape? Umich oai-pmh records? * UMich MBooks for fulltext (and search-inside)">licwehfomicl<cgi-bin/a>, [urlsdrsmd?id=1&oclc=16857172]cgavkdmiygee[p/url], [link=jquery-sdrsmd/ * connection to OCLC Identities]ujaiapdacimq[outgoing/link], 2008/06/linking-to-worl.html * Cover images from Open Library? See http://ysmtcaptcidejohnmiedema.comca/openbook-wordpress-plugin/.

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