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Notes from Open Source Discovery Portal Camp

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On 6 November 2008, there was a meeting at the Palinet offices in Philadelphia to discuss the future of open source discovery portals. The VuFind and Blacklight projects had already started cooperating by sharing indexing code in the form of [[SolrMarc]], and as a community we wanted to explore whether there were other ways we could be cooperating, and what our development priorities should be. We discussed the following topics and some people identified themselves as particularly interested in following up on specific topics and doing further work in a given area. Bess took notes, which are pasted here, but please feel free to expand upon these with your own memories of the conversation.
=== Jangle ===
(Bess, Andrew, Gabe)
========================Non-catalog content / digital repositories ===  - Bob, Dennis, Peter, Naomi
Could we adapt SolrMARC to also include SolrOAI? Yes, Bob, Naomi and Andrew all have ideas about how this could work. Sounds like this is the kernel of our kernel. Solr already has a lot of functionality to allow for this. Do we want a couple of plugins, one for solr and one for OAI? Or do we want an app that handles both?
We also talked about Blacklight and the ways it brings in various data sources and handles behavior for different kinds of objects.
 =====================solr marc ===solr marc - Bob, Naomi, Chris
How well is solr marc handling bad data these days?
Chris from Villanova is going to do some graphic design work for solr marc. Yay!
===Authority control =====================Authority control - YZ, Daniel, Mark, Bess
Can we get the LC authority control data, index it locally, and take advantage of that in our searching. Actually getting the authority index data is the problem. It's government created data, so why can't we get access to it? We can get snapshots, but there's no method for harvesting it. We need some way to get weekly / monthly updates of authority data. EdSu might have set something up, but it isn't an official service.
Consensus seems to be that we need a proof of concept first, see how well that scales, and then after that start lobbying LC / OCLC / Palinet / other vendors.
 ===Dedupping / FRBR =====================Dedupping / FRBR -
We need to look at Trish Williams' work with hierarchical solr records for implementing FRBR. If we start working with this maybe we can advocate for getting this into the solr trunk.
Open Library is also very interested in de-duping research.
===Serials holdings =====================Serials holdings - YZ, Mark
Marc format for holdings data (muff head?)
You can get an extract from your Open URL database, harvest your journal holdings through that. Texas A&M is doing this w/ Ex Libris. This seems like an efficient way of getting detailed holdings. Indexing this might be helpful if you don't have marc records for all of your electronic holdings, and it also might help for knowing when you have full text online and when you don't.
========================Federated Search / article content === - no one
Can we partner with LibraryFind? Or should we implement an engine like pazpar2?
IndexData has something called pazpar2, which is a federated search engine.
========================back-end arch / OSS methods - Peter, Peter===
We never really discussed this, but Peter and Peter said they were interested in following up on this topic.
===kernelizing the projects =====================kernelizing the projects
- solrmarc
- authority data & merging
 ========================How do we organize - How do we reach out to libraries and formalize a committment? ===
Palinet, Dennis, Joe, Andrew, Mark, Daniel

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