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Notes from Open Source Discovery Portal Camp

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Gabe points out that the DLF standard and the Jangle standard aren't the same thing exactly, but people seem to agree it's still a good start at standardization. Andrew asks, how do we contribute the VuFind drivers to Jangle? Is there an NCIP driver for Jangle? Xtensible Catalog is using NCIP, for example. One problem with this, though, is that many vendors don't implement NCIP.
Ross Singer is the main developer for Jangle, and he wrote an article about it for the latest code4lib journal. Everyone's homework is to go read that article, available here: [|here]. Many institutions are hacking their own ILS, it would be more efficient if we all share this code through something like Jangle, which could then be used by VuFind, Blacklight, Helios, or any other project that could talk to Jangle.
Eric Morgan: Jangle is a step in the right direction. DLF came up with a list of API features they want, and then Ross came along and said here's a simple RESTful implementation of a lot of that API, based on ATOM publishing protocol. We need a number of agreed upon shapes of URLs that do things like tell me the status of this book, authority information for a person. To what degree do we want to use something like Jangle in vufind? There aren't a lot of choices right now, and this seems like a good project to explore further.

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