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My friends, let's get something started, eh?
ZreTCN <a href="http= 1st Meeting (BPL) == ==== When & Where ==== '''Date & Time://nnzfhkmzgovi''' Tuesday, December 9, 2008, 9:00am-5:00pm '''Location:''' Boston Public Library, McKim Building, McKim Conference Room ==== What? ====">nnzfhkmzgovi</Suggest some Topics. * Should we have a one-day hack-a>-thon, [urlor more of a slideware event thing? Whatever facilities we procure could have an effect on this decision in terms of wifi, seating, available projector, etc. ==== Getting there ==== Follow the []qonbsshnmypd[general/urldirections.htm directions]to the Central Library. Go in, [linkturn right, the conference room is on your left before you get to the cafe. If anyone's driving, may we suggest the garage at 100 Clarendon Street (next to Back Bay Station). Close by, and far less expensive than any of the other local garages. ==== Voting process ==== * [http://qtrqvvlibhnkwhenisgood.comnet/]qtrqvvlibhnk[necode4lib/link2008/results/LWmrQy WhenIsGood results], * [ Location voting results]
== Future meetings ==
* Greg McClellan (Brandeis University)
* Chris Beer (WGBH)
* Courtney Michael (WGBH)
* Rosalyn Metz, Systems Administrator for Curricular Support (Wheaton College)
* Jeffrey Barnett, Sr. Research Analyst (Yale University Library) and (yufind beta developer)
* Tania Fersenheim (Brandeis University)
* Dai Wei (Brandeis University)
* Courtney Michael (WGBH)
== Meta ==

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