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1st Meeting (BPL)
My friends, let's get something started, eh?
== 1st Meeting (BPL) == ==== When & Where ==== '''Date & TimeInteresting Site, http:''' Tuesday//, December 9 8514, 2008, 9http:00am// http:00pm '''Location:''' Boston Public Library//, McKim Building 7537, McKim Conference Room ==== What? ==== TBDhttp://arg-free-host. Suggest some Topicsco* Should we have a onecc/32124/ http://arg-day, 036150,, or more of a slideware event thing? Whatever facilities we procure could have an effect on this decision in terms of wifi 56247, seating, available projector 107715, etchttp://arg-free-host==== Getting there ==== Follow the, :-[[, http://wwwarg-free-host.bplco.orgcc/general32103/directionshttp://arg-free-host.htm directions] to the Central Libraryco. Go incc/32103/, turn right %-PPP, the conference room is on your left before you get to the cafehttp://arg-free-host. If anyone's driving, may we suggest the garage at 100 Clarendon Street (next to Back Bay Station)co. Close by, and far less expensive than any of the other local garagescc/32027/ http://arg-free-host==== Voting process ==== * [, 67463, WhenIsGood results]* [, 6509, http://dilettantesarg-free-host.code4libco.orgcc/voting_booth32093/electionhttp:/results/5 Location voting results], 8((,
== Future meetings ==
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