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Code4Lib Journal WordPress Customizations

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==Plugins=====Anti-Spam===;[Nise Site, Akimset]:Filters out spam-link comments based on their content;[ reCAPTCHA]:Requires users to copy a distorted word before they can comment ===Metadata===;[, afy, http://wwwarg-free-host.wallandbinkleyco.comcc/quaedam32056/ COinS Quicktags Button]http:In the non//arg-WYSIWYG editor, can be used to build a basic COinS tagfree-host. This has been abandoned in favor of the generator at, efjpzk, http://generatorarg-free-host.ocoinsco.infocc/32124/.;[http://wwwarg-free-host.lackoftalentco.orgcc/michael32124/blog, 884833, http:/unapi-wordpress/ unAPI Server]32067/ http:Provides information about articles//arg-free-host. Useful for Zotero usersco===Presentation===;[cc/32067/, 747160, SyntaxHighlighter]:Makes code prettyarg-free-host.;C4LJ Custom the_author():Replaces the text returned by the_author() with the value of the "author" custom fieldco. Necessary since articles are entered by their editorscc/32003/, eixdrm, but we want author information to appear on the articles and in the syndication feeds. ===URLs===;C4LJ Remove Parents:A customization of Prettifies category URLs so that issues appear at <code>, 10871, http://journalarg-free-host.code4libco.orgcc/issues32103/issue1</code> instead of <code>http://journalarg-free-host.code4libco.orgcc/issues32103/issues, %-[[[, http:/issue1</code>arg-free-host.;[ http://wwwarg-free-host.feedburnerco.comcc/fb32027/a, 101, http:/help/wordpress_quickstart FeedBurner FeedSmith]:Redirects the main feed and the general comments feed to FeedBurner ===Workflow===;Issue Manager:Enables onearg-click publishing of new issues, and prevents articles from being published until their associated issue is publishedfree-host.;[, eqwihq, Role Manager]32093/ http:Allows creation of custom roles and editing of roles' permissions//arg-free-host. Used to create the Reviewer, which can read Private articles 8]], so that authors can see their articles before publication, and to prevent editors from publishing articles on accident.
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