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Logo Design Process

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== Draft Requirements Document ==
'''Code4Lib Logo Design Briefing and Requirements'''
''About Code4Lib''
Code4Lib is a loose collaboration of library software developers and technologists interested in learning, sharing their experiences, and having fun. There is no "membership", you simply participate. There is no "organization", you simply lead. Anyone who wishes to be involved with an activity (for example, the Code4Lib Journal) simply does it.
Key themes to consider include software, technology, libraries, librarians, participation, openness, and collaboration. Also, the group is very technically-inclined and savvy about writing, debugging, and deploying software.
''Logo requirements:''
* The organization name (Code4Lib) must be included in the final logo.
* The logo must be identifiable.
its visual image and not offend any sensitivities.
* The concept should have relevance to the organization.
* It must adapt well to electronic and printed media, to reproduction on small surfaces, and to use in color, both in positive and in negative form. * It must be free of any copyright or other intellectual property claims.

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