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Logo Design Process

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This page will document the process we are undertaking to create a logo for Code4Lib.
== Working Group ==
* Roy Tennant
* Ranti Junus
* Emily Molanphy
== Process ==
1) A logo requirements statement will be drafted -- what Code4Lib is, who we are, and any kind of "messages" or "themes" we think should be considered in the design process.
2) When we're satisfied with the draft, we send it past David Cloutman, who has offered to review it.
3) We make any adjustments we want based on David's feedback.
4) We send it out the Code4Lib list for group comments.
5) We change it, if necessary, based on the feedback.
6) We submit it to Stephanie so she can get started, requesting a few draft concepts for review and feedback.
7) We request volunteers to help review the drafts who have familiarity with the process of selecting a logo.
8) When the draft designs are available, the working group and the volunteers select one design to further develop (if needed)
9) We forward to Stephanie collated suggestions for anything we'd like to see in a final version.

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