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Logo Design Process

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== Process ==
- * We (the working group) will draft a logo requirements statement -- what Code4Lib is, who we are, and any kind of "messages" or "themes" we think should be considered in the design process. - * When we're satisfied with the draft, we send it past David Cloutman, who has offered to review it. - * We make any adjustments we want based on David's feedback. - * We send it out the Code4Lib list for group comments. - * We change it, if necessary, based on the feedback. - * We submit it to Stephanie so she can get started, requesting a few draft concepts for review and feedback. - * We request volunteers to help review the drafts who have familiarity with the process of selecting a logo. - * When the draft designs are available, the working group and the volunteers select one design to further develop (if needed) - * We forward to Stephanie collated suggestions for anything we'd like to see in a final version.
== Draft Requirements Document ==
''Logo requirements:''
* The organization name (Code4Lib) must be included in the final logo. * The logo must be identifiable. * The logo should be simple and clear in concept. * It must be distinctive in the quality and originality of its visual image and not offend any sensitivities. * The concept should have relevance to the organization. * It must adapt well to electronic and printed media, to reproduction on small surfaces, and to use in color, both in positive and in negative form. * It must be free of any copyright or other intellectual property claims.

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