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My friends, let's get something started, eh?
Interesting Site== 1st Meeting (BPL) == === When & Where === '''Date & Time:''' Tuesday, <December 9, 2008, 9:00am-5:00pm '''Location:''' Boston Public Library, McKim Building, McKim Conference Room === What? === The current plan is to start the day with presentations and/or lightning talks. When we run out of those we can then break out into groups to discuss and experiment according to interests. Use the sections below for general ideas of things to do or actual topics or projects you'd be willing to present on. ==== Suggest some Topics ==== * Ripping open the guts of a hrefparticular lib app (by the author) as an architecture or implementation How-To (or How-Not-To) session? ="=== Lightning (or Longer) Talks ==== * Scraping article metadata using the CiteULike parsers - JayL* Update on code4lib 2009 conference planning - Jean Rainwater & Birkin Diana* Extending Zotero: Citation Style Language - Jodi Schneider* Semantic Web for Libraries or Microformats - Jodi Schneider* Semi-controlled-folksonomic-tagging-vocabulary: Encouraging Useful Metadata Contributions - Chris Beer & Courtney Michael* Common Knowledge at LibraryThing: Why Star Wars geeks are better than catalogers (for Star Wars stuff) - Tim Spalding* A Vocabulary Browser in Solr, SKOS, and XForms - Michael Klein === Getting there === Follow the [http://jamesdawsonwww.wikispacesbpl.comorg/Order+Cheap+Viagra+Online">order cheap viagra online<general/a>directions.htm directions] to the Central Library. Go in, turn right, the conference room is on your left before you get to the cafe. If anyone's driving, may we suggest the garage at 100 Clarendon Street (next to Back Bay Station). Close by, and far less expensive than any of the other local garages. Or, search nearby parking at [url=""]order cheap viagra online ==== Voting process ==== * [http:/url/ WhenIsGood results], * [http://jamesdawsondilettantes.wikispacescode4lib.comorg/Order+Cheap+Viagra+Online order cheap viagra online, 573015,voting_booth/election/results/5 Location voting results]
== Future meetings ==

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