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Code4lib North Meetups in Toronto
'''Purpose:''' To connect with other code4libbers in the area and start building a code4lib community in Toronto, Ontario. (taken from the Ottawa group =P )
===Second Meetup===
'''Date:''' Fill out this doodle to let me know what days you're free:
'''Location:''' Unless someone has a better space, Mozilla Foundation (Adelaide & Spadina)
'''Location of Social:''' Please recommend something near Mozilla
'''Ideas:''' There have been an number of ideas floating around, so please feel free to suggest other ideas, sign up, and/or vote for which you'd like to see happen this time.
* Lightning Talks +1
* Mini Workshop +1
** Github basics (if someone will lead)
* Pears and Nachos +1
** basically we pair up as mentor/mentee for person A to teach something person B is interested in learning
===First Meetup===

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