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Future meetings
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== Future meetings == Suggest some other, future locations below. Something not too hard to get to for folks in all corners of the N.E. area would be best * Somewhere in Western Mass (a.k.a. 413; a.k.a. Northampton, MA; a.k.a Hamp; a.k.a. NoHo) - This would work best for me, the further West, the more likely I can make it (ecorrado)* I can probably offer free space in our Concord NH campus with good network and projectors, though I realize that may be too far north for some --Casey* Somewhere in the Boston area* Portland, Maine, of course. Where else? LibraryThing will buy donuts.* I could suggest New Haven, but it isn't exactly a central location for this group. --dlovins* +1 for Portland, ME. I might be able to arrange meeting space at the U of Southern Maine if this is a viable location. --jonvw* Forbes Library during their business hours* Possibly one of the Five Colleges?* Boston Public Library (end by 9pm Monday through Thursday, or end by 5pm Friday through Sunday)* Elsewhere? Add to this list...* Come to PVD (Beatrice)* I would be happy to arrange something at MIT, once we've given some locations outside of Boston a try (sfish)2sBaP3 fki7Ra0lm2WkGz7vpUd
== Who? ==
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