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Open Source Book Widgets

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== Invitation == We're just getting started on this. Please be bold and edit as you see fit.  == Introduction == === Purpose of the Collaboration ===
A number of people are working on open source book widgets, and have expressed an interest in collaboration. Take a moment to state your interests in more detail in the indicated page below.
Things are just getting started. I invite you to boldly contribute and change things. The wiki keeps a history if needed. You can use the discussion list (link below) to hash things out if you like (or not).
=== Pages ===
* [[OSBW_Statement_of_Interests|Statement of Interests]]
Note: I have prefixed new pages with OSBW to keep a context. To create a new page, just search for it by the new name, then click 'Create' when it doesn't find it. I don't think we have delete rights by default.
=== Resources ===
* [|Discussion List for Open Source Book Widgets]

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