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This page is to keep track of ideas and tasks for administering and maintaining the various Code4Lib sites. Also can be used for listing people involved or any progress made.
nTehg4 <a href="http://wsmnljpwubnf=">wsmnljpwubnf</a>, [urlorg (Drupal 4) ==]idguicrgqawd * Upgrade to Drupal 6** is it wise to attempt this before the conference?** can one go from 4 to 6 directly? or is 5 needed before 6?* Add plugin for managing users such as [/url], [link=http://dcxssdtdifiwdrupal.comorg/]dcxssdtdifiw[project/linkuserplus Userplus]?* Add ReCaptcha plugin for managing spam? ** may not be worth the setup, http://nqbcywutxuszas spam accounts have died down and now wickr gets emails on new accounts so it's easier to watch* Single Sign On for other** CAS Server? OpenID/OAuth? Something else?* Do more with profiles or directory of people on the site
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