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Second Meetup
===Second Meetup===
'''Date:''' August 14 : <br>
'''Time:''' 5pm- when we will start loading presentations, etc.
'''Location:''' Ryerson University Library [ 350 Victoria Street], 489B - if you arrive before 5pm, just come up, if you arrive after 5pm tweet/text me to come open the door<br>
'''Location of Social:''' Unless someone has a better suggestion [ Elephant & Castle] at 378 Yonge Street, Toronto Reservation is at 6:30pm
'''IdeasCool Tool Day:''' Inspired by the ASIS&T student chapter at UBC/SLAIS (check the [ hacklibrary blog post] for the background), Cool Tool Day involves simply sharing in 5-10 minutes! 'Tool' in this case is a fairly loose term. It could a nifty program, app, or website. Something that has helped your productivity, helped you stay sane, made your life easier, or just caught your interest. You are still welcome to do a lightning talk! Still not sure what might fit (or what the heck I'm talking about)? Check out the [ UBC wiki Cool Tool Day page] for inspiration. Sign up! either 5 or 10 mins approx, just helps with planning* Cynthia - f.lux (5 minutes)*  ====For next time====Ideas: There have been an number of ideas floating around, so please feel free to suggest other ideas, sign up, and/or vote for which you'd like to see happen this time. 
* Short (5-20 mins) Talks
** Web Services Architecture - including ILS & other systems integration (Alan H.)
* Mini Workshop/Hacktime
** Github basics +1** Making your Library Website Responsive* Pears and Nachos +1
** basically we pair up as mentor/mentee for person A to teach something person B is interested in learning

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