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Availability in Local Libraries
OpenBook currently provides a link to the WorldCat record as a way of showing availability in libraries. Thing is, WorldCat only shows availability for member libraries. I think it is possible to do more. If a library has a web-based catalogue, the catalogue is usually designed to be findable and it works in a consistent way. Usually it is a simple search box and button, defaulting to a keyword search, with results wrapped in hyperlink. Again, it is designed to be findable and consistent. Why not take advantage of that and use a little screen-scraping to see if a result exists for a given title? No doubt there are variations between catalogues, but how many library catalogues exist? And surely, a few simple rules per type could make things work.The user will be invited to configure their library using "the fuzzy library adaptor", a wizard that tests the catalogue. If the test fails, WorldCat can still be used. This feature is my current main interest. --[[User:Johnmiedema|Johnmiedema]] 06:30, 12 January 2009 (PST)
== Existing solutions & examples ==
There's a web service called SeeAlso[] that could be useful for availability check.
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