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Umlaut full API

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h8oOUY <a href="http:Accessing the API = The api can be accessed at the resolve//zreafsjtrzxmapi">zreafsjtrzxm<For instance, if your umlaut is at>, [url=]dcrtbnevmwfm[resolve/url]api? Append an OpenURL context object to that URL. POST is also supported, [including XML formatted context objects. You can also include the usual umlaut directive parameters.  This is exactly what you'd send to the ordinary Umlaut link=http:resolver base url for link resolver service in html; you are just replacing /resolve? with /iwikgcxtijfo.comresolve/]iwikgcxtijfo[/link]api?  By default, httpthe API returns XML. To return json instead, include://mebonrtquoti  & To return jsonp, wrapped in a javascript procedure call:  &umlaut.response_format=jsonp&umlaut.jsonp=desiredJavascriptFunctionName
= API Response =

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