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COinS (layman's description)

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Wikipedia page on [[COinS]]:
*OpenURL Referrer
*[[LibX ]] Library Browser plugin*Check for a library [[OpenURL ]] resolver associated with your IP address at [ OCLC OpenURL Gateway] (for more information about this service see [OCLC URL Resolver]
*refbase has this language:
" “COinS” stands for “ContextObject in Span.” “ContextObject” “[[ContextObject]]” is [[OpenURL ]] jargon for the part of an OpenURL carrying the bibliographic information - basically, it’s a query string, everything that would follow the ? in a regular URL. And “span” refers here to the HTML tag <span>. It’s the ContextObject that carries the bibliographic information.
The ContextObject is very flexible, and can carry everything from a simple title and author to more obscure things like a [[Serial Item and Contribution Identifier ]] (SICI).
The upshot of which is that if you stick COinS in your web page, [[Zotero ]] can pull all that data out again.
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