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How To Plan A Code4LibCon

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Adding information about the program proposal process
== Program Committtee==
The program committee is a self-selected group that manages talk proposals and other aspects of the program.
The process works something like this:
# Draft the call for proposals (searching the mailing list archives should provide some good templates) and send it out.
# People put their proposals on the Code4Lib wiki (see the [[2012 talks proposals]] page as a template)
# After the proposal period ends, we get the proposals in a format suitable for the Code4Lib voting app and announce the voting. (I don't know what this entails other than it is a text file of some format.)
# After the voting closes, we talk about where to place the dividing line between accepted and declined proposals. There is a bit of negotiation between us and the host committee on scheduling depending on how many talks we want to accept and any scheduling juggling that is required.
(Add more info for the program committee here!)
===Talk Acceptance Letter (samples)===
[[Category: Code4Lib2010]]
[[Category: Code4Lib2011]]
[[Category: Code4LibCon Planning]]
===Calls for Hosting===

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